Ruveena has excellent customer engagement and able to give ideas on the design as well as solicit idea requirements from customer. Albeit covid situation, able to plan renovation works on a realistic schedule.

She is very hands-on and detail oriented. Good design and project management. Overall good project works.


The design fits what we wanted. Very speedy service and able to complete the renovation in very short timeframe. Experienced ID and able to deliver quality work.


We would like to thank Ruveena on completing the Living room beyond our expectations. Ruveena was patient with us, as usual. Even when we wanted to make new changes, she went the extra mile to travel over to Stone Craft showroom and meet us.

You are reliable, and I am always glad to refer you to our friends.


Special thanks to the carpentry group. Thanks for the fine work delivered. They are prompt with rectifying any defect issues and with this group, we know that we get quality work.


Martin, our ID impressed us with his professionalism. He was able to answer our queries on technical aspects on the spot. When renovations began, we could see that he was on top of jobs and we were able to relax and take a seat back.


The COVID-19 and it’s rippling effects were the biggest challenge we faced. But Martin had forewarned us and he gave us peace of mind by preparing a room for us in our new apartment whilst renovations were ongoing. We had to vacate our former apartment and we did not want to rent. We would recommend Schemacraft,definitely, and Martin of course!


Ruveena was part of three designers that we met during the initial stages of finding a designer. From the outset, Ruveena came across as being very professional. She was keen to understand more about our family and home settings as part of her design process. We found that of all the designers we spoke with, Ruveena was the only one who understood that we were looking for quality and were willing to pay for it and needed a child-safe and practical house.

Along the design process, Ruveena had great ideas, she could give us a balanced view on what we wanted to do and propose alternatives. We liked the fact that she was not interested in providing the cheapest quote to win the business.

During the course of renovation, she kept us posted o the progress regularly, she was quick to update us on any issues and how she was going to manage the situation and delivered everything she promised on time. She helped coordinate the workers coming in to do any touch-ups post moving in as we moved in Phase 2 HA at this point.

Above and beyond, Ruveena came across as being very credible and someone that we could trust to have our best interest at heart. I would definitely recommend Schemacraft and Ruveena to anyone looking to renovate.


It might be a family home with clean-lined, efficient spaces now, but things weren’t always like that...


Looking back to when she first stepped into her family’s new apartment at Palm Gardens, homeowner Mrs Neoh knew from the start that a gut renovation was going to be a necessity rather than a choice.

“It (the house) was in this lived-in state, and parts of it, like the kitchen, could get really dark even in daytime,” describes the IT professional who resides with her husband and two children. “Even my kids were asking me, ‘Mom, why did we buy this condo?’ [laughs]”

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Proof that neutrals, good flow and a reworked lighting scheme can go a long way.


For Sam and Julia Kim renovating their new home at Lloyd Road meant more than just turning it into a space that they would want to return to. “We wanted it to feel more like a hotel than a home, but at the same time we wanted it to feel like home too,” says Julia. “You get what I mean? [laughs]”

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Once a gloomy 20-year-old resale, this apartment is now fully refreshed for a family of five.


With pleasing features, such as a soaring five meters tall ceiling and a spacious living area, it would seem that a simple refresh was all that’s needed to turn Rith and Salinah’s three-bedder condominium at Glendale Park into the elegant and efficient family home it is now.

However, in reality it took much more to achieve the entire transformation – just ask Schemacraft designer Jasmine who helmed the 14-week makeover. “There was an extensive reconfiguration (of the layout) in various parts of the house, including the original kitchen entrance and master en suite,” she shares.


To find out what exactly went on behind the scenes, we sat down with Rith and Salinah as well as Jasmine for a quick chat!

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Rene is a detailed and patient ID. She sat down with us to understand our needs and spent 2 hours to go through her proposals with us before we decided to engage her service. She is always fast to offer suggestions and options should there be an issue which cropped up. As a responsible ID, she provides value for money design ideas without compromising the aesthetic of the house. Eg she proposed to paint the wall in front of the TV console in different colour. She pushed our design boundaries with the suggestion of a pink bathroom carpentry and a colourful backsplash in the kitchen. Rene meets the brief of designing a functional and beautify house. She has an eye for design and she makes sure that all the furniture and furnishing come together. Rene is an excellent project manager, we return home in 7 weeks instead of the original 8 weeks’ timeline! It has been a wonderful working experience with Rene. Thanks so much and highly recommended.


We were happy to meet Ruveena, a friendly designer that communicates well with us. We were happy with her ideas and drawings and it meets my expectations of a good and practical design. Ruveena has been very helpful in shortlisting materials, colours and ideas for us. The renovation started after we obtained our keys at end of the year. It took a while but everything was planned properly and progress was rapid in January before Chinese New Year break and then the renovation was completed the week before we move in. She assisted with delivery arrangements and managed to resolve renovation issues as and when we encounter them. Ruveena has also helped us when we needed to change items purchased and also replaced imperfect material/work for free. To me, this represents due care and good service. I think we have a lot more positives than negatives during the renovation process and we are enjoying our new home now. Overall I am very happy with the service and friendship gained during this journey.


We would like to acknowledge, and thank, Schemacraft for the exemplary professional services. Being first-time renovators, and with the numerous horror stories of home-renovation doing the rounds on the net, we had great trepidations with regards to how our planned reno would pan out. We had the good fortune of finding Schemacraft via Qanvast. Our good fortune was compounded when we had our designer (and now friend) Ruveena assigned to our project. We found in Ruveena a resolute professional - One for whom, no design request was too small, or too big, or too last minute, or too ...odd. All of our requests - ranging from change in living room wall features, to last minute changes in kitchen tiles' design/ toilet pipe colours/ taking down of partition walls followed by installation of new wardrobes (midway thru the project!), were met with nuanced suggestions and tweaks that made the changes possible, yet kept our expectations realistic - and economically feasible. Ruveena is a gifted and resourceful designer, and devoted believer and advocate of Schemacraft.


I only met Schemacraft as they were recommended by my friend who is also a designer himself! He mentioned that they are very experienced and therefore I trust him and went ahead to engage them for my home renovation. And I definitely made the right decision as they have a very helpful and experienced team. The ID for my reno is Rene who is a senior designer and her work is amazing! I requested for a storage loft with glass panels for my condo which I know is not easy but they just made it happen. Rene proposed a lot of ideas and I am so impressed with the many ideas that she was capable to come out with. There were a lot of amendments made during the process as I had no idea of how my idea would turn out but she was really open to my last minute requests and changes in order to meet my requirements! I just got to praise her for her hard work in making my dream home happen! We also moved in in the middle of the renovation and I know how inconvenient it was to have us there during the process especially with kids around having to consider our safety and such. They really made the effort to clean our place and clear the items after every work done. If there is anything that could be improved on will just be the timeline for carpentry work. There were just a little miscommunication but other than that, I am very satisfied with their services!


We spent many hours on Qanvast looking through example projects of a variety of designers. We narrowed down a list of three designers with experience building out high quality, thoughtful and larger scale projects, sent detailed requests and ended up meeting with two. We chose Raphael from Schemacraft due to (1) his understanding of what we were trying to achieve, (2) his attentiveness and responsiveness, (3) his creative awareness, and (4) his proactive and intelligent suggestions. All the above four characteristics were extremely important. We spent an extraordinary amount of time with Raphael over many months. Despite the frequent changes to the design and challenges along the way, he remained friendly and fully supportive. We frequently met him late at night and on the weekends (and sometimes both, twice in a week) and he was constantly available through WhatsApp. Our project was a very difficult one, and Raphael performed extremely well. There are a couple of things we would have done differently (such as making the interior lighting design more intimate). However, it was difficult to fully understand such details until after we began really using the space. I would certainly recommend Schemacraft to others who are seeking a highly customised, top quality renovation. Raphael went above and beyond expectations, in terms of time spent on the project, responsiveness, and proactive intuition.

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We were on the lookout for a designer who can breathe new life into our 20-year old apartment, and out of Qanvast recommendations, Martin was the one who gave the most design input. He came across as very professional and he could give us a lot of practical suggestions about what to do with our home. He was great in picking out the right colours to achieve the modern look we wanted, and he was helpful enough to accompany us when it comes to shopping for home furnishings. Furthermore, he spent a lot of his time looking out for and recommending pieces of furniture and accessories to us, and he would share with us if he was aware of any promotions. Martin is a reliable designer and he was able to adhere to the timeline we were looking at. We are very happy with the design and the renovation process – which went very smoothly. Over the course of the renovation, we also became friends with Martin and we are very thankful to him for his help in designing our home. With Martin, we felt like this renovation journey was one we underwent together and not alone.

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I must say that Martin's project management skills are excellent; we really depended on his help since he took over the helm when I was ill. That, I was really impressed with, because Martin handled most of the work and direction without our active input, yet he managed to deliver what we wished for. If you were to ask me if this apartment is my ideal home, my answer is 'yes'. Since coming to Singapore, we had been renting so having our own place really is a personal milestone. I am happy that I was able to do this for my family.

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I am very satisfied with Martin's work, it exceeded my expectations. Given the tight timeframe of the project and that we had to re-do the whole house, he took only 2 months to complete the renovation. For that I am very impressed. I also needed someone with good project management skills, he delivered in that aspect too.

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Out of the four IDs I met, I decided to engage Martin, not just for his designs, or the way he approached it, but also because he was different from the rest in the sense that he was willing to listen to feedback, and accommodate our preferences. He was also willing to adjust the costs to suit our budget. He was very proactive and quick to respond to rectify any outstanding issues. For example, the island hob which we wanted had a larger width than usual hobs, and Martin went ahead to make provisions - making the island larger to fit the hob at no extra cost. We were very happy to have him as our ID. The only issue that we had would be the quality of the carpentry's finishing did not turn out as expected.


Before we started our renovation, my wife and I were quite clear on the things that we wanted to do for our home. We communicated our ideas with Raphael, and he would give us professional advices to the practicality of those ideas. When we encountered any issues, Raphael would provide us solutions to how we can go about them. In addition, Raphael is a very responsible interior designer as he would frequently be on site to make sure that the works done by his contractors are done properly.


My wife chanced upon Qanvast and we started doing our research on Qanvast to shortlist some of the IDs that we liked. Schemacraft resonate with what we are looking for, simple yet sleek. We met Raphael, with his easy going personality, we knew that he would be able to help us. As we were quite fussy owners, he was very accommodating and helpful. He was attentive and kept closely to what we were looking for. Some of the carpentry works were in good conditions, so he actually proposed to change the laminates so that we can still keep them. He also completed our renovation ahead of schedule and have been very responsive during the entire renovation. We would definitely recommend them to our friends and family!


I got to know Martin through Qanvast's recommendation. They recommended 5 IDs to me but only Martin called me to arrange for a meet up, the rest probably just emailed and I did not get it. Martin is not your typical salesman, not pushy, not gimmicky which was exactly what I wanted in my designers. Both my wife and I had some ideas, but he alleviated our ideas into the designs that we really like. Working with him was really smooth sailing, no major hiccups and I really like how my ceiling turn out to be. Overall, I am very happy with the results and there is not much hidden cost. I am quite put off by the hidden cost especially when I had a really bad experience when I renovated my office some time back.


Martin understood my brief and my requirements very well. He was also able to accommodate my timeline, and resolve the complicated electrical work in a short time even though I told him at quite a last minute, so I really appreciate that. I went on to recommend him to a few of my friends.


E. During the beginning stages of our renovation, we were working with an interior design company but we had difficulties working with them so we decided to look around for another interior design firm to help us with our renovation. Through online searches, we came across a few ID firms, including Schemacraft. We talked to Raphael and we felt comfortable around him as there was great chemistry between us. Raphael was always open to our suggestions and was very receptive towards our ideas. Even after the renovation was completed, he is prompt in addressing any problems that we have. Despite those small issues here and there, the renovation turned out really well so all in all, we're happy with their services.

C. When my wife and I started off looking for interior designers, we talked to a couple of different companies. We did not feel very comfortable with some of the interior designers because they tend to force their ideas on us rather than listening to what we wanted. On the other hand, Raphael was very good, patient and responsive. He took in our ideas and gave us suggestions on how we can carry out our renovation. Raphael is definitely someone whom we can trust and with him being in charge of the renovation, he paved out a smooth process for us. Costing-wise, it was reasonable too. Despite us having completed our renovation, his after-sales service is great where he is willing to help us with do touch-ups whenever there is a need for it.


Martin is a very honest person and he would spend his time understanding our needs before coming up with a proposal for us. From what I understand, certain interior designers can be very expensive but Martin came up with a competitive and reasonable pricing for us. He would look into our budget and try to keep things within the range. Since my husband and I are constantly not around due to work obligations, Martin was very understanding and it was reassuring to have him oversee the renovation for us. Even after the renovation was completed, he told us that we can just contact him anytime if there are any touch ups that needed to be done. There were minor issues like how the acid wash used for cleaning up the place affected the tiles, but Martin was quick to get his people to patch the tiles for us once we told him the issue.


I came to know of Schemacraft through my friends. After interviewing several, we decided to engage Martin because we felt he had good problem solving skills. When we told him the list of things we wanted to do, he was good with improvising and coming up with solutions. He was very patient, and always responded as quickly as he could. He was able to successfully complete the renovation early, even though we had personal situations and had to move forward the timeline by two weeks. His workmanship was also pretty good. All in all, I would definitely recommend his services.


As my husband is working in an industry similar to interior design, we were quite detailed when it comes to the things that we wanted to do for our home. We had high expectations for the interior designers but Raphael, our interior designer from Schemacraft, was extremely patient with all of our requests. The design concepts went through many rounds of proposals and rejections and Raphael was patient in working towards accommodating to what we wanted. He was also very prompt in his work and if we encountered any issues during the renovation, he would rectify them very promptly.


I met about 4 designers altogether. I decided to engage Martin as he paid a lot of attention to details and gave good advice on the theme we wanted - he really understood what we wanted and spotted things that he felt did not suit the theme, such as cabinet colours and other design aspects. He took a lot of pride in his work. If he felt something was not working, he would change it at his own cost. He also provided good follow up and after sales service.


I decided to engage Raphael from Schemacraft due to price considerations, and also because he was able to deliver and complete the renovation within my stipulated timeframe of 8 weeks - which the other IDs couldn't deliver. In terms of design, he was able to propose ideas on how to maximise space. He did very close follow up, and was quick and prompt in updates and getting back to me on any outstanding issues. I waited about 6-7 months later to compile the rectifications and touch-ups to be made for the renovation, and within one week it was all settled.


I engaged Schemacraft due to the convenience of location, and also pricing. We did relatively minor renovation works mainly to the wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen, and minor carpentry work in one of the bedrooms. Raphael was always open to discuss any issues with us and never insisted on having his way. However, there were a few minor issues with the contractor work. The installation of toilet bowl was not done properly the first time and the installation of glass was upside down at first. Another thing would be that although we sought advice from him on whether our platform bed above the bay window would be able to get wind if we installed a ceiling fan, it was for naught. The bay window and bed was not able to get the wind and now we have to use 2 fans in the room. I would recommend Raphael if the homeowner is doing basic renovation.


My friend’s home was nicely renovated by Schemacraft so my husband and I were interested in talking to the same interior design company for our renovation. It was a indeed good choice to engage them because it has been a pleasant experience working with Martin. Martin is a very detailed person and he is generally responsive to our queries. For any design ideas that might not be ideal for our home, Martin would explain to us the implications of those ideas so we learned to make some adjustments and adjust our expectations along the way. We also appreciate how Martin would provide us alternatives to how we can carry out the renovation in ways which can help save costs while still being able to achieve a similar result.


I was attracted to Schemacraft's designs after coming across their portfolio on the Internet. Raphael from Schemacraft really impressed us because he understood the vision that we had for our home. Raphael went the extra mile to understand his client's wants and needs before coming up with a proposal specially catered to us. He has a great flair in design and he gave us a lot of ideas as to what would work and what would not work. He came up with various alternatives as to how we can do up our home. We didn't have to go down on site to supervise all the time as Raphael would proactively give us a daily report as to what was being done. The renovation was a smooth-sailing process! All in all, it was a wonderful experience working with Raphael.


With Martin handling our home renovation, the whole process went perfectly well. Martin is an incredibly patient person in listening to our requests. He would try to make our ideas work and if there were anything that he thinks could not be done, he would provide us reasons why he said so. Martin took care of everything regarding the renovation and I'm glad there were no hidden agenda between us as Martin would constantly update us about the renovation. Due to some changes that I made at the last minute, the schedule got delayed a bit but Martin was accommodative to that and he made sure that the end result was what I was looking for. Since completion of the renovation, I have recommended Schemacraft to my other friends too!


Martin, our interior designer, is extremely patient and understanding to all of the requests that we had for our home renovation. He would meet up with us as often as needed, listened very well to what we wanted and would work hard to achieve the look that we were going for. When we shared our ideas, Martin was upfront in telling us what we can expect from the renovation by laying out all the options that we can consider before embarking on the renovation. Martin worked very closely with us throughout the renovation and he was flexible in allowing us to make changes along the way. He would constantly come down on site to monitor the works done by his subcontractors so if there were any jobs done that were not up to par, he would be very prompt in getting people to fix them. Martin practically settled everything for us, so there were no issues and we're generally very happy with their services.


Martin is a very good and responsible interior designer. He was always responsive to all my queries, and he gave me a lot of helpful advices on the things that are needed for my home, and the things that can be omitted. For anything that he has promised us, he managed to deliver. He was able to meet all our expectations, including our strict timeline to move in into our new place.